Biochar for  soil health

Made in California, from local walnut shells.

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In a nutshell 

Biochar helps the soil retain water and nutrients and provides a great base for the soils microorganisms. 

California produces half of the fruit and veg of the entire US. That creates millions of tons of waste, such as nut shells. We use this waste, and up cycle it into a carbon form called biochar. This biochar, when mixed with nutrients, helps anchor the good things near the roots, where the crop needs them. 

Our only product is biochar, and that's what we focus on. No oils, gases, electricity or anything else. Just a good clean carbon for the soil. 

Our production is local - the nut shells travel less than 50 miles from where they grew. We strive to be efficient.  

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Science and happy dirt



Soil is the basis of all life on on earth. All the things we eat, the muscles we grow from those nutrients, the trees and animals all need soil and become soil later. It's one of, if not the most important resource for life on earth. Soil forms slowly, and we need to look after it if we want it to stay alive and productive. This is key to resilience, ecosystems, forests, climate regulation, food production, all the things we so easily take for granted.   

Biochar is porous - which is why it is a master at holding water, air and nutrients in the soil. In addition, just grams of biochar have a surface area the size of a football field! This is highly beneficial for the important fungi and bacteria that keep our soil alive. They exchange nutrients with the plant roots, amongst other things.  

Biochar is an easy and rewarding step to soil health. Would your soil like some, too? Leave a note or email and we'll get you some samples.  

Culturing Carbon


We think that carbon should be taken down from the atmosphere and put to work where it is useful.  

We use local walnut shells from food production. They're a clean and great material. 

Our process has been developed for a decade in the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute. Now it's time for a broader audience in this teenage technology's life! The CC process is fast, controlled and it's main aim is to produce the highest purity biochar. Biochar is our main product, not a residue!


Every ton of CC biochar takes down three tons of CO2.  

Increasing the soil carbon content helps the microscopic life that keep our soil alive. #Soilmicrobiome #CarboCulture

The nutcases 

California native and part Norwegian Chris knows that nature has most of the answers for bioengineering already.  Henrietta is from Finland, land of sisu (meaning "grit, perseverance").  Her last name Kekäläinen means burning ember.  

Dissatisfied with the status quo, the founders decided to bring the science to the next level.

Passionate, resourceful and on a mission? You may just be who we want on our team!