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Level (your greens) up with carbon.


Plants have it tough too. A city environment is far from natural, and depleted soils can be a hard one to dig good roots into.

Biochar is carbon. When mixed into soil, it enhances plants resilience with its large surface area, providing living space for micro-organisms, better structure and more organic matter.

Our biochar is OMRI certified organic. We make it in California from local orchard waste, converting the carbon that would naturally end back in the atmosphere.

Our intervention tackles two global challenges: an excess of 1 + trillion tons of CO2 in the atmosphere (IPCC, NASA, NOAA), and rapidly depleting soils. (UN FAO)



Our mission is to use bioengineering to solve some of the greatest challenges of our time.

Every ton of Carbo Culture biochar holds more than three tons of CO2.


30 tons of CO2 sequestered and counting



We’re a close-knit team of engineers, explorers and environmentalists with a diverse set of expertise. Nordic heart, Californian start.


We believe carbon should be taken down from the atmosphere and put to work where it’s useful.


Culturing Carbon


We need a new culture of carbon (not a one-directional use and leave-culture). Carbon doesn’t “go anywhere”, it just changes form. It’s the fourth most abundant element in the universe, and extremely useful when it’s put to work. Everything around you is carbon, and we need it now in the soils and architecture of our cities and farms.

Biochar helps do small wonders

  1. Increases the soil organic matter

  2. Retains water and nutrients

  3. New surface area for microbial life


Who we serve



Our customers are campuses, urban areas and farm suppliers. Besides soil sustainability, the biochar helps the soil composition and filtration immediately, making the plants more resilient to environmental stressors.

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Cities and Urban Areas

Give your greens a hardier start.



Want to increase the performance of nutrients and microbes?



Need carbon? We got carbon.



We’re putting the science to the test with university researchers, private laboratories and interested citizen scientists. Together with our world class research partners and funders, we’ve been able to begin our quest towards a healthier planet.