Biochar for  soil health

Made in California, from local walnut shells.

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Science and happy dirt



Soil is the basis of all life on on earth. New topsoil can take hundreds of years to form, which is why we need to look after soil better. This is key to ensure resilience, ecosystems, climate regulation, food production, survival.

Biochar is porous - which is why it is a master at absorption. Just grams of biochar have a surface area the size of a football field! This is highly beneficial for the fungi and bacteria that translate nutrients for the plant to feed on.  

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In a nutshell 

Biochar enhances soil fertility by retaining nutrients, water and providing a growth platform for good microbes. 

California produces half of the fruit and veg of the entire US. That creates millions of tons of waste. We use orchard waste, and up cycle it into biochar. When mixed with nutrients, it helps anchor the good things near the roots of the plants. 

We focus entirely on making an excellent, pure biochar.

Our production is efficient and local - the nut shells travel less than 50 miles from where they grew.


Every ton of CC biochar takes down three tons of CO2.

Increasing the soil carbon content helps the microscopic life that keep our soil alive. #Soilmicrobiome #CarboCulture

Culturing Carbon


We think that carbon should be taken down from the atmosphere and put to work where it is useful.

Our process has been developed for a decade in the university labs at the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute. Now it's time for a broader audience in this teenage technology's life! The CC process is material efficient, fast, controlled and it's main aim is to produce the highest purity biochar with as little effort as possible.

The nutcases 

California native and part Norwegian Chris knows that nature has most of the answers for bioengineering already.  Henrietta is from Finland, land of sisu (meaning "grit, perseverance").  Her last name KekΓ€lΓ€inen means burning ember.  

Dissatisfied with the status quo, the founders decided to bring the science to the next level.