Carbo Culture has been working its way through the universe since Singularity University's Global Solutions Program held at NASA Ames Research Center in California. The multi-disciplinary team has been put together during and after 2013, and together the team has over three decades of experience in carbon research, engineering, patents, science scale-up and ventures. 


Pia Henrietta Kekäläinen: CEO & SALES

Previously founded Mehackit

Board of Yleiselektroniikka (YLEPS Nasdaq Hki) 

Fluent: English, Finnish, French, German 

Vienna Uni Econ., Aalto Biz,. Singularity Uni 



Sam Van Wesenbeeck: CTO & SCIENCE

50 + reactors built

7+ years of developing CC technology

Ghent Uni. and HNEI under Prof. Michael J Antal



Christopher Carstens: Chief Carbon Officer & ENGINEERING

Modular renewable energy and biocarbon production 10+ yrs at

Graphene Technologies LLC, 

Solid Gas Technologies, Homeland Fuels

UC Berkeley / Singularity Uni


We are not only heavily concerned of levels of greenhouse gases and the consequences of global warming, but also certain that by engineering a carbon cycle, we can halt those negative affects while creating valuable products. 

We are looking for further corporate partners and hiring people with industry and biochar or material science experience. 

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