Co2 to C

Instead of capturing parts per million of carbon directly out of air, we leverage nature’s annual mega scale drawdown.

She takes down hundreds of gigatons in an annual cycle, and naturally releases 99% of it back into the atmosphere through decomposing and burning. We jump in before that happens to take waste biomass and convert it to a stable, solid carbon called biochar. This holds the carbon in the stable, solid, unescaping form for 500+ years. We do this with a unique, novel technology that ultra rapidly “chars” the material.

Our technology was originally invented to retain the maximum amount of solid carbon from wood, so that it could replace harmful practises in deforesting for wood charcoal. Instead of using 15 tons of wood per ton of carbon, we use three. Times that a million and you start seeing the drastic difference. We also don’t sell heat, electricity or oils. Because we just want to lock as much of the carbon into a pure form as possible.

In short: we’re cleaning the air, and putting the valuable carbon to use.

Here’s a few articles you may want to take a look at:

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How it works

Biochar plays an active role in a balanced carbon cycle.

Biochar plays an active role in a balanced carbon cycle.