Bioengineering can solve the greatest challenges of our time.


Carbo Culture’s first biochar is made from 100% walnut shells. It tests clean to the highest standards of toxin tests, is certified organic, has a very high fixed carbon content and 350+m2 surface area per gram.



Carbo Culture’s agile technology

We believe that biochar should be made from locally available waste material and converted on the spot into a high-quality, pure and clean biochar. 

That’s why we took this invention and developed it into a full-scale facility, that can be rapidly deployed into any location - on or off-grid, where we don’t need expensive transportation, power purchase agreements or virgin biomass to make our biochar the excellent consistency and organic content it is.


Advantages of Carbo Culture Biochar


We use waste,
not new wood


Less than 4%
input energy needed


Waste heat


in size



Maximum carbon
retention as solid

Carbo Culture colors.002.jpeg

High purity biochar material

Carbo Culture’s biochar performs in an unprecedented way on multiple fronts - absorption capacity, surface area, conductivity and manages to overcome the challenge of consistency.

Biochar ingredients

  • High Carbon Content (> 80%)

  • Low Ash (~5%)

  • High surface area (> 350m2 / dry g)

  • Water holding capacity 250%


Calling scientists

Let’s use this clean, functional carbon to its largest leverage and keep it out of the atmosphere. This is where you come in. 

If you are a materials researcher, products manufacturer or an inquisitive scientist, email us at and we’ll get you started on the fast track with a sample and existing lab results!

Carbo Culture colors.001.jpeg