Cleaning the air,
healing earth


Every ton of Carbo Culture biochar sequesters three tons of CO2 into a stable, solid form. This material is especially useful in bio-filters and in supporting microbial life: In urban area toxin filtration, raising the pH of acidic soils, stopping nutrient leeching and providing increased soil carbon content to support the microscopic life that keeps our soil alive.

Biochar has incredibly useful characteristic: just a gram of our biochar has the surface area of over 250 square feet.

We focus entirely on making an excellent, pure carbon (~85% fixed carbon content). We don’t use additives or chemical treatment - just water, carbon and some thermodynamics.

California creates millions of tons of agricultural residue every year, which is openly burned. We upcycle the waste into biocarbons. Our production is ultraefficient and agile - the material travel less than 10 miles from where it grew to get to us.