We are starting a new era of Carbon Culturing.


The mission of Carbo Culture is to remove a Gigaton of CO2 annually by 2030.



Our technology

We are working towards this goal with the help of our novel technology – a modular reactor that enables us to rapidly convert biomass waste into a high purity, functional carbon. The resulting biocarbon material stays stable for hundreds of years, keeping it out of the atmosphere. We put these biocarbons to use in environmental remediation, advanced materials – and particularly – to heal the soil. 

Biocarbon, also known as biochar, helps the soil’s regeneration capacity. This is especially important because the UN has estimated that we have an average of 60 harvests left until all of the world's soils have been depleted. 

This is why we are committed to clean the air and heal the soils. We are armed with a decade of science, world-class technology engineering and the massive scale leverage of earth systems. We are working with like-minded customers and partners to start a way of carbon culturing.

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All set for a new culture of carbon?

Our products are used by people who feel the same environmental accountability as us. Let’s get you on board!

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The team behind Carbo Culture

Founders of Carbo Culture, Christopher and Henrietta, met in Singularity University’s Graduate Studies Program in 2013. Both of them believed that if the environmental issue is not solved, most other things wouldn’t matter either. Chris and Henrietta dedicated their days full-time on getting Carbo Culture off the ground towards the end of 2017. 

Christopher is an inventor at heart – he received his first patent at the age of 15 and has been building energy systems and researching graphene and carbon in all its shapes and forms. Henrietta is a Finnish woman with grit – or sisu – like the Finns call it. She was washed away from international relations to the better side of entrepreneurship through award-winning events and global projects. 

Today, they have a continuously growing the talented team around them building the new culture of carbon. To keep their feet off the ground and the CO2 off the atmosphere.

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The team


Henrietta Kekäläinen
CEO & Co-Founder

Chistopher Carsten
CTO & Co-founder

Jaakko Rauhala
Analyst & Business Dev

Richard Haukom

Venla Väkeväinen
PR & Comms through Bou


Become one of us?

We’re always looking for resilient and team-spirited minds who believe that carbon should be taken out from the atmosphere and put it into use. If you are one of them, reach us at jobs@carboculture.com

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Let us CC you

CarboCollective is formed by thousands of resilient minds working towards a sustainable future. If you're one, come and join our events, discussions and networks.

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